Suzuki Violin Method

Basic principles of the Suzuki Method

Suzuki method, also called the Mother-Tongue Method is based on the same principles on which the child learns his/her mother tongue.

Early beginning

Children can learn from an early age, even 3 years old. Children can start with paper box violin, after a short time when they manage the right posture and violin hold, they can continue with the genuine instrument of the right size - 1/16, 1/10. It is extremely important that children have the right size violin, not too big claiming “they will grow into it”. Oversized violin slows playing development and may harm a child physically.

Parent participation and support

Parents are actively involved, participating in lessons with their child, make notes and serve as mentors during home practice. They cooperate with the child during home practice, but the parents do not have to be musicians or musically educated. Parents motivate the child, the child is not forced to play. As well as when learning the mother tongue the praise and loving encouragement is important. Every child learns at their own pace.


Every day children listen to the pieces they learn to play. The learn the pieces by ear, children play what they already know from listening. They like to play what they know.


Children always review already mastered pieces, to which the new ones are added. Their memory is developed this way.

Group lessons

Each child has an individual lesson with the teacher, in addition to that children participate in regular group lessons with other children and concerts. Group training cultivates musicianship, love for music and pleasure from achieved skills. Children love to show their achievements and motivate each other for practice. During group play children of all levels play together.

Delayed note reading

As well as when learning the mother tongue when children first learn to speak and later learn to read, the same approach is used here. The note reading is delayed till the kids manage basic technique and can concentrate on sight reading while playing. This step is individual and depends on the assessment of the teacher.


You can find out more about learning to play the violin using the Suzuki method from a certified Suzuki teacher Mgr. Jana Hraba┼łova.